Wednesday, September 2, 2009

They Are True Heroes

I was scared to be able to serve breakfast today

give them a lot of spinach and protein so they get all pumped up
for the next fight out there with those fires

Just if you think about for a second

We go to work in the morning; we put on comfortable clothes
soft clothes

They put on this hot gear
that right off the top is extremely hot

then they put on top of that the gear
that weighs endless amount of pounds

what does it weigh, that, that….?
twenty-five to thirty-five pounds that they put on

We put on nothing

Then they go out there and they climb the steep hills, and the terrain

very very steep and very tough

then they pull the hoses
and then, when we go into an air-conditioned building, and go to work

they go close to that fire
with tremendous heat

So this is why I say, that they are true heroes
and that is why I am so proud of them