Thursday, March 11, 2010

Invention Airplane

Use this, they say. They’re turning
no place, a fountain.
Heal the soldier—
we’re going there, out of here.
I want to hear me cry reset
your head in a sling little baby
We coil it alone.
The bonesaw.
Some frown.

A life in a life
a gate he worked out of
this is the love that I just coiled.
It seals up a bonnet.
Human things can’t stand still
I got the wreck but I ache a lot
To the one that chooses you.
I didn’t want a stain.

In a roomful of strange gas.
Straight to the heart house.
Arrow a place, boarding up the life.
Our lungs will stand between us.
Boner rain somehow I feel inside.

The scribe and the way to go.
Horses show the way
To hold it back, the scene, the end
of the day.
Drawing to draw, you live.
Uta, make what didn’t happen go.
Call it fear, Gus.
The trees, their needs.

Pair of shoes. I saw her.
I touched her. She still was the summer.
That dope bothered me.

Running to me a crane.
The preacher’s so-far look.

Illuminate the nose.
Your soul in bark.

The worm hole of your mind.
All the sand. I bet I may as well.
Hung the leaves with teal.
Standing in your heap.

He caved in.
Sentimental foolgloves.
Nostalgic tale, her morphology.
To re-sail away.
Somewhere back in her lung.
She will retail; make her faint.
Birthday come, birthday go.
Who’s got the vowel?
No other nothing.

Look at a spade here.
I can’t tell you.
We make it crazy.
Yo, baby, I can’t tell you.

There’s an angel in your tree.
Phases getting desperate in the
palace of the restless.
See where the fat stalker hides.
We’re gonna stay a lie,
our only chants.