Monday, April 12, 2010

Taken Like a Frame

Navy youth and wall-fire
trying to grab a page

Yeah, it’s soba when it’s started

It’s a shame to see it grind
to zweiback when you
forgot about the author

Hope you take it like a frame

Ah! Put your boot down
Load the beat of winter
Gather up your chips

They’re all looking thinner
blained across your clothes
A warden thinks a wet-pack wins


Baby, you’re my dope fry
Someone else, a chain
Ride me, love

Instead you run up closer
trying to grab a pain
before they close the blood
a scene so long when we began

Take it like a frame

The warden thinked the wet-back wind
thought you had the honor
Your well-laid plants forgot about the other, moved toward the light

Ah, put the news down
Lord could be the winner
Dad should meet it
playing across your clothes
a chain to see you cryin’


Give someone else a chain

Guide my love

Try to grab a page

Take it like a frame

Move it out toward the line, showing empty hands

Hope you take it

Put your boob down

Load your bee

The winter gathered up your chips

See you cryin’
See you cryin’


A gravy you move over
instead you run up closer
but close the book

Thawed, you had the honor
forgot about the Other
showed up empty hand
its chicane
Love could be the wind

Plain old washing clothes
What’s over before it’s started seems
so way back when

Gravy, your mood
Instead you run up close, son

Yeah, I saw it before it started
all your well-laid clients
moved out toward the line

What Saul belied
--put your boot down—
love could be the winner
playing cars to close

It’s a chain to see you grind a scene
to see back when