Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gold Fish Boat

Caught the frog in your mind

Care to stop?

Caught in the paws of your mind


What will it take for man to beam me home?

I’m not promoting the head-wrecker

On and off the robe

The gauze don’t make it true
I don’t believe in most people

Snot rock and roll

Sides of the soggy
Scum of the Lord

Betrayal you and me

I don’t have to hit record
I don’t have to


Let’s see the blue moon

Well, you get married
Ringing on the same old gong

Joe likes switching on an electric like

It’s blue all around the pets

It feels so lucky

Things stop blinking
And you get so lucky

Someone like you combs a lawn


You can hold something so much you don’t know it

Everyone’s gonna know when I box Drexler out


They’re off to Beantown

Get away from the city
It’s gonna bring you doubt

Call me like a river

Let’s get it straight from the star

What people believe with the head and the heart

Pasta’s singing songs to you
Soft and blue

When you’re in the forest
Just enough to magnetize the leaves