Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nietzschean Hiss

It’s so fat I’m not seeing it
Just like it’s under steak

Who everyone fought
The man I used to be

I saw it just hanging on a wall

I’m not the person in a moat

On the stand
I left our night-child behind

I met the person in the moat

We’re strong with this picture
When don’t we take it down?


If you don’t know how to deal with your sail
If your donut half dive bomb Market St.

Grownups sing and play for you
Which is what they’re supposed to do


The wire I’m working with you
It can get so sick and mental

A kippah with it all



You try to think
There’s something wrong with you

Sarah, I got my name in lights


When we were slip-and-sliding in the shade

You looked very pissed that night

I felt like a wonder-lamb


String City

Existential Drip

Solid Jew

Some of my friends think that I’m really pissed