Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wanda Itchy


She’s always gone toot

leave your thing alone
bank note sunshine


just try to stab me down

that gunner Doug, who is he

I had something in my hard on
and in your eye

summer just passing by

was that your cube

When I ask the sun
sub of you and me
I get confused
and I keep coming up with greed

you tell me whale dough
no intuition

the server of the dew
that gunner Doug


My France
kippah using me

He told me a hail
I’m sure he meant weather

Whale a tortoise through

some tides
root to me

you love me a canker
tucking back you


man, it’s really hard

I’m too cold to eat a doughnut
I don’t care if I dine out

Saturday night in a hollow
shake your birdie thing

Sunday morning Karen
and everyone’s all dressed up

heat foes dipping it off at a party


If we are wives

it won’t be law

if I have fare you need to borrow
no one can fill both of your needs

when you’re not straw

if there is a load
if you just corn me

corn me deep


nobody squawk at your arm
because it’s only

I’m as close as your paw

when I got smiled
when I do love, baby

I need that steamed glass
I need that smite-owl

let’s get the camera
let’s get together


Bubbe dub

talk a little deep
to make you wonder

slip in sometime
supper just
supper just blows your mind

kick like thunder
you got to give it up
and carve it right on time

hell of a rhyme

step right up like
kitten nugget, baby

ass booty be wild
to wake you

somebody’s heart makes you give up everything

Seattle farmer
who art in heaven

hallowed thief dime
just like an eagle have fun

give us this date
liberals screw evil

sweet, sweet head of a farter


one dip
put the hard-on in your life

kippah turning you on
in your life boat

Hold on
I’m loving on the lake

butt-sheet can do tonight

one dip do unto you
to do right
put the hard-on in your life

a little heart in your lifeboat


In the sand times
there’s a pier

Memories are dead weight

Memories are
the hurting love songs

the times when you do Phil


Habit other places
each dumb city

I cake-walk back to my past

Shitty earth, the angels
in your spaceship queen

spread your winks

looking around for my drink
in your spacious wink

the sky bled all day