Sunday, November 25, 2007

Portal to Nevada

That was the fucking family gamut

W’all won bar drinks
adult darts

Sweet Skull
adult hoolahoops

I’m chalking it up to excitement
eliminating pool
melts into a candle


has to be at least ventured into
I saw a gong and I thought I gotta have that

Sit on your own ass
Sit on my ass

Come in for a big seafood festival

Extend your global reich
exilic frame

Can I take this as food
my juices flowing
a real caucus and not a coronation

Giant stone boobs

Pork pounder
Rotted fish ass fat

The segment which we live in, which is flavors
Stream of gushing mountain force

Scroll of you
There’s a giant torso in my eye
not my normal haunts

I have a brined heart
the wheel and the crosshair

man on fire, four chandeliers

Essence of cheese
bouquet of bacon